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Our team


Director - Founder

General management and portfolio management are my areas of responsibility. A wealth of experience in financial analysis, valuations, M&A and quant investing. More than 30 years active in the financial world in various disciplines from analyst to CEO.



Fundamental analyst

25 years at the highest level in quantitative equity research has given me the insights to develop winning algorithms. Development, programming and back testing are my passion.

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Marketing - Social media

My maxim is: put people first. Especially when it comes to financial products, it is all about making the connection. Informing customers and showing who we are and what our products can do. A Quant model is abstract but the person behind it is not.

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Data scientist

Working with metadata. Orchestrating and streamlining seas of financial data is my passion. I am involved in data management  (transformation, enrichment), creating advanced optimization models (with Linear Programming and Machine Learning), applying advanced analytics such as bootstrap, t-tests, and backtesting investment strategies



Systems Architect

Making financial data transparent. Uncover connections with programming language. SQL server maintenance, multi-threaded automation, back-end development and system optimization are my areas of work. Making the complex simple that is my mission. I have worked at listed and small companies. At ACM, I am given the opportunity to convert my passion into results.

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