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Bitcoin - digital gold

Bitcoin is growing up. It is therefore more than 10 years old and cannot be ignored. In fact, it can never be removed. It is the new 'store of value'. Better than fiat money like the dollar and even better than gold.

Bitcoin is the hardest money. Where fiat leaks money (inflation), like an ice cube and even gold leaks, 2% is added every year, Bitcoin eventually goes to no more than 21 million Bitcoins and none more. Now only about 6 Bitcoins are added every 10 minutes. A multiple of that is already being swallowed up by Paypal and Greyscale. Bitcoin is therefore smoothly moving further up the adoption curve (S-curve) where the supply continues to decline (every 4 years the supply halves) and the demand is now increasing rapidly. Many millions are already using it and the powerful phenomenon of network effect means that it cannot really be caught up anymore. And why, the protocol is almost perfect; digital gold that is and will remain scarce and belongs to everyone. The great leveler.

You can see it as the 'bedrock' on which the new money systems will be built.

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