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Majorel shoots up 40%

On Wednesday 26 April 2023 after a takeover bid the price of the somewhat unknown Majorel Group Luxembourg S.A. spiked. Just a month earlier it had become an Outperform in ACM-NL’s Quant model. This is what we see a lot. We saw it with Hunter Douglas (up 70% in December 2021) we saw it with Boskalis (up 28% in March 2022) Arjan Bartlema, Amsterdam Capital Management’s director explains. Our Quant model patiently looks for the most improving equities and this is made available to our clients who use or equity research subscription service. Then from time to time acquisitions happen where gems are being picked up. For us it is like popcorn going off, where the fact that the company was undervalued suddenly comes out in the open. Like marking to market. We happily welcome the premium. In this case French industry peer Teleperformance wants to take over all outstanding shares of the company for €30 each. This brings Majorel’s total valuation to €3 billion. Teleperformance intends to pay €2 billion in cash and the remainder in treasury shares. Teleperformance, which employs more than 420,000 call center employees worldwide, said the acquisition would create a company with annual revenues of approximately $12 billion and operations in the Americas, Europe, India, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. The acquisition is still subject to regulatory approval. For more information on our subscription and bespoke services see and . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : #investing #quant #fund #aandelen #aex #valueinvesting #fundamentaleanalyse #beleggen #investeren #stocks #tradingcoach #stocksignals #stockmarket #trader #financialservices

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